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Automotive Care Tools SGCB Plastic Trigger Spray Bottle - Red per Pcs

Automotive Care Tools SGCB Plastic Trigger Spray Bottle - Red per Pcs

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SGCB trigger spray bottle manufacturers: TRUE STREAM OR MIST SETTINGS – other professional `looking` sprayers only do a stream. This sprayer does both stream and mist. The stream will spray up to six feet with ease, and the mist is soft and well dispensed.
SGCB Trigger Bottle Holder: ERGONOMIC FINGER GRIP – when you read reviews on other products, you`ll see complaints about them becoming uncomfortable to use after just a short period of time. These sprayers are designed for both maximum comfort, and maximum performance.
SGCB Bottle With Trigger: HIGH-OUTPUT SPRAYER – each time you squeeze the trigger, this sprayer dispenses up to 30% more, which means you don`t get tired hands like you might with other products pumping a small trigger unnecessarily often.
SGCB trigger bottle suppliers: 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE - your satisfaction is guaranteed when you buy this product. By choosing this 3-pack of trigger sprayers, you're not only guaranteed to be happy with your order, but they're also going to be a good quality solution for spraying whatever you need to spray.

SGCB Plastic Trigger Spray Bottle manufacturers : LEAK PROOF COMMERCIAL QUALITY SPRAYERS – don`t be disappointed by inferior sprayers that leak or dribble, rather than spray. This spray bottles have a commercial quality sprayer paired with a 16oz ergonomic spray bottle that has a built-in measurement gauge.

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