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H09 - Humidifier REMOTE VERSION - Aroma 7 Color LED - 200ml Dark Brown

H09 - Humidifier REMOTE VERSION - Aroma 7 Color LED - 200ml Dark Brown

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INCLUDE REMOTE !! Aroma of the nine benefits: 1. Cleaner air (anion + ozone natural air filter); 2. To improve environmental sanitation (decomposition of new cars, new homes, new furniture manufacturing process to the left of formaldehyde and benzene); 3. Increase Immunity (promotion of the immune system-third medicine); 4. To increase vital capacity (deep breathing + more oxygen); 5. helps the respiratory tract to improve sensitive nose and asthma and other diseases (vegetable oil + ozone + refined Fen); 6. Eliminate mosquitoes. sterilization in addition to mites; 7. decomposition of second-hand smoke, eradication of the odor source (ozone); 8. Endocrine System management, emotional management, to appease irritability, relieve stress; 9. Accelerate Cell metabolism, stimulate cell activity, increase skin brightness. Characteristics: 1, add air purification agent to prevent a variety of diseases, so that the air is fresher, breathing healthier; 2, with the use of essential oils with the function of aromatherapy, promote blood circulation and metabolism, relax, effectively improve sleep quality; 3, negative oxygen ions, sterilization powder, so that your life a little more oxygen; 4, energy consumption is small, correct humidification aroma; 5, automatic water shutdown, safe and reliable; Package Includes: 1 x Aroma Diffuser 1 x Power Adapter 1x200 ml measuring cup 1 x User Manual 1 x Remote Control

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H09 - Humidifier REMOTE VERSION - A...
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