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Magnetic Lamp Stand ME-2CA

Magnetic Lamp Stand ME-2CA

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Standard type

Holding power : 800 N

Bulb Capacity : 100 VAC Upper limit 100W, optimum 60W

The magnetic lamp stands allow the magnet to be turned on and off quickly, and thus can easily be installed in any place, remove and relocated. These stands are most suitable for illumination of work areas on workbenches or machine tools.

Thanks to a strong holding power by a small and light weight, yet strong magnet, these stands can easily be mounted not only on a horizontal face, but inclined face and vertical face. The flexible tube enables it to obtain an optimum illuminating angle.


- While the installation position is fixed by the attractive face, an illuminating direction can be changed freely.

- The protective guard protects the bulb from breakage when the lamp falls.

- The employment of an oil resistant power cord enables these stands to be used in various workplace

- Illuminance tripled and heat generation reduce 50%. great energy saving.

- Problems associated with incandescent lamps having good color rendering (have been resolved)

- Long-hour work does not cause eye fatigue and thus this model is most suitable for visual inspections and reading fine scales on measuring instruments

- A spiral type fluorescent lamps having high luminos intensity distribution efficiency is used .

A lamp equivalent to 13W (100 V) is as a 60W incandescent lamp

- Heat generated during operation has been reduced significantly

When compared with temperature rise of a 60W incandescent lamp, temperature is lower by about 40%

- Along life; a service life is 5 times longer than incandescent lamps.

Average life as long as 10000 hours.

- The lamp is housed inside the shade, which protects the lamp frombeing broken when it falls.

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Magnetic Lamp Stand ME-2CA
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