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OTG Conversion Cable (micro B / USB A female)

OTG Conversion Cable (micro B / USB A female)

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[Features] An OTG conversion cable (USB 2.0 micro B / USB 2.0 Standard A female) for transmitting high-quality digital audio from your smartphone to component stereos, amplifiers, etc.

[Product Specifications]
· An OTG conversion cable for transmitting high-quality digital audio from OTG function-compatible smartphones to equipment such as portable amplifiers via the use of a micro USB cable.
· Transmits clear, high-quality digital audio with no signal degradation.
· Can also be used to transmit high-resolution audio.
· Uses gold-plated rust-resistant connectors to prevent signal degradation and other general deterioration over time.
· Uses OFC 99.95% high purity (oxygen-free copper) cords to help prevent signal distortion and transmission loss.
· Has 100% braided cable coverage within the cable to protect against external noise and to improve the shielding effect.
· Designed with a luxurious feeling suited to audio products, with both braided cable and aluminum cased connectors.
The cable length is 10 cm.
*Requires a separate micro USB cable (USB 2.0 micro B / USB 2.0 Standard A male) which connects to audio equipment.
· *The transmission bit rate may be restricted depending on the specifications of the equipment connected to.
· Connector Type: USB (A) female - USB (micro-B) male
· Compatible Equipment - USB (A) Female Side: USB cables with USB (A type) terminals, USB (Micro-B) Male Side: OTG compatible smartphones, tablet PCs, etc. equipped with USB (micro-B) terminals
· Cable Length: 0.1 m *including connectors
· Plug Plating Specification: gold-plated pins
· Double-Layered Shielding: ✓
· Color: navy
· Packaging Size: 88 mm (W) × 27 mm (D) × 222 mm
· Packaging Weight: 0.059 kg
· JAN Code: 4953103498808

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OTG Conversion Cable (micro B / USB...
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