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Side Table Menace

Side Table Menace

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Side Table - Menace

This Side Table Menace can be combined with the sofa and is perfect for working from home (WFH) activities as it is today.
Side Table Menace is designed luxuriously and exclusively using a combination of metal frames with gold chrome finishing with a unique shape and Countertop Quartz with Sparkling White motifs. The combination of this choice of quality materials will make the room in your home look brighter and more comfortable.

Side Table Menace overall size:
Length : 600mm
Width : 400mm
Height : 600mm
Height Total :727mm
Weight : 24kg

Quartz Countertop Size:
Length : 597mm
Width : 397mm
Thickness: 30mm
Motif : 7045 - Sparkling White

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Side Table Menace
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