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Steel Sheet Separation Floater Standard Type KF-10

Steel Sheet Separation Floater Standard Type KF-10

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Number of hole : 4

Ød: 8, b : 56

Most suitable for removing iron or steel sheets one by one there by facilitating feeding in automatic steel sheet feeding or for separating each iron sheet and for feeding it into a machine (for press or shearing operation).

Features :

- The highest separating capacity is ensured by two rails on the magnetic polar surface.

- Not only steel sheet but also finished pressed workpieces, circular workpieces and irregular workpieces can be separated at fixed intervals by use of several separators.

- Compact type with highly efficient ferrite magnet. It can be attached easily to machines.

Couple it in comformity with the size, shape and weight of the steel sheets in use.

- One set consist of two units.

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