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VOIP GATEWAY - SATURNUS - Auto Disconnect Tone Learning

VOIP GATEWAY - SATURNUS - Auto Disconnect Tone Learning

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- Auto Learning Disconnect Tone - memudahkan untuk integrasi ke PABX Panasonic, telkom Line dan cocok untuk semua merek PABX : NEC, Avaya, Lucent-Alcatel, Toshiba, dll, saat dikoneksi langsung berfungsi. Menjamin Line Panasonic & PSTN tidak hang / nyangkut.  Auto release.Specialist integrasi terbaik ke PABX Panasonic agar dapat menelepon GRATIS antar kota antar PABX Panasonic- tersedia tipe 4FXO, 4FXS, 8FXO, 8FXS, 16FXO, 16FXS


  • equiped with VoIP Router capability,  can call to all of branch office with Star Topology, using only one equipment VoIP Router at Head Office,  save cost  80 %
  • Selectable in SIP, MGCP and MEGACO protocol

  TLS advanced security features
  Support 3GPP SIP features
  Long reach up to 5 Km
  GR-909 Line test function
  Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  Auto Provision feature with encryption
  USB port for redundant WAN backup through wireless 3G Dongle (Venus 2904/08A/2916/2924/2932)
  T.30 and T.38 compliant
  Line reversal and metering tone (12K/16KHz)
  Ethernet switch function with QoS and VLAN
  Advanced calling features, 3-Way Conference with/without media server, call parking and more
  WEB GUI for ease of configuration
  SNMP and TR-069 supported
  IPv6 support

Call control protocol-SIP (RFC-3261), MGCP 1.0/0.1/NCS1.0, MEGACO (H.248)-Real-time Control Protocol (RFC-1889) & RTCP-3GPP SIP supported
Voice Feature-G.711(a/u law), G.723.1, G.726, G.729 a/b-Voice Activity Detection (VAD)-Silence Suppression-Confirm Noise Generation (CNG)-Adaptive Jitter Buffer-Echo Cancellation (ITU G.165&G.168)-Packet Loss Compensation-Adjustable Gain Control-RTP filter
Analog Voice Port-In-Band DTMF, Out of Band DTMF Relay (RFC-2833)-Pulse or DTMF dialing 
-CLID: FSK-Bellcore 101/102, FSK-ETSI, DTMF, Blocking, Calling Name & Data, POTS 

CLID Detection-DTMF Tone Detection & Generation-Modem Relay 
-Priority Reversal Detection (FXO) & Priority Reversal Generation (FXS) PSTN Cadence 

Auto Detection-Metering Signaling Generation for Coin Phone(FXS)-GR-909 Line test function- Disconnect Tone ( FXO ) 
Calling Features & Management-VLANs for Management/Voice Signaling/Voice traffic-Call Hold, Waiting, Transfer, Forward, Return & Park-3-Way Conference w/wo Media Server-Configurable FLASH-HOOK Timing-DID (Direct Inward Dialing in FXO), DOD (Direct Outward Dialing in FXO)-Internal Phone Book (SIP)-Hot/Warm Line-Deny Second Stage Dialing (FXO)-E.164 supported-Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-Ring Priority (Hunting, Simultaneous, Sequential)-Call Interception-Outbound Proxy Support-Wildcard Register (By Group) / Line Register (By Port)-Soft-switch Backup Mechanism Support-Advanced Digit-Map-Manipulation Dialing-Video Message Waiting Indication (VMWI)-Inner Dialing support (MGCP/MEGACO)-Max. Concurrent Call Limitation: Summary/Incoming/Outgoing
Data Features-WAN: Static IP, PPPoE, DHCP/BootP Client-LAN: Bridge / Router-Static Routing Table-NAT Pass Through, STUN-Static NAT/NAPT Mapping-DHCP Server-DNS/DDNS-IPv6-Mirror

Security-SIP Authentication: MD5-Media: Security RTP-DoS prevention-MGCP authentication: DH Key Agreement & MD5 Encryption-Control: TLS QoS-Port-Based VLAN/ 802.1Q VLAN-tagging-DSCP/IP Precedence-Guarantee VoIP Bandwidth
System Management & Maintenance-Console, Telnet, WEB (HTTP)-Configuration Backup with Encryption-Remote Firmware Upgrade (HTTP/TFTP/FTP)-SNMP v1/v2-Auto Provision (HTTP/TFTP/FTP)-TR-069-System Log / Call Log

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