ASTRALPOOL 27818 Lumiplus Rgb Modulator W/Antena

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Country of Origin-
Dimension (L x W x H)-
Weight5.50 kg

Colorplus TOP
LumiPlus receiver-module which expands the number of colours and sequences of the lights. You can control the lights on and off, change 12 colours and 8 sequences, the speed of the sequences and timing of the shutdown.
The module has an antenna with a range of 50m which receives the signal from the LumiPlus remote control.
A control unit is necessary for lights RGB Mini, Micro and Mini Quadraled. It controls up to 4 units and includesa transformer.

These allow full control of up to 15 underwater lights.
The Modulator has 1 mode indicator LED on the lower part and 4 pushbuttons: COLOR, SEQUENCE, SPEED and ON/SLEEP.
The main functions of the Modulator are:
· Switching the projectors on/off.
· Colour selection: 12 fixed colours available.
· Sequence selection: 8 sequences available.
· Sequence speed selection: 8 speeds available per sequence.
The Modulator can be controlled by the LumiPlus Remote Control, for more convenience.
The Modulator incorporates an antenna to receive the signal from the Remote Control.

Standart packaging 12
Standart weight 5.50 kg
Standart Volume 0.029 m3