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What is BPJS Health?

In accordance with Law No. 24 of 2011, the Health Insurance Agency (BPJS) Health is a legal entity established to carry out health insurance programs. BPJS Kesehatan began operations on January 1, 2014.

All Indonesian residents are required to become health insurance participants managed by BPJS including foreigners who have worked for at least six months in Indonesia and have paid dues. BPJS Health membership is mandatory. Although the person in question already has another health insurance.

The Indonesian government has carried out many programmed institutions to facilitate and improve the welfare of people's lives. One of the government programs is BPJS. BPJS is an abbreviation of the Social Security Administering Body, which forms a Health BPJS program called JKN or National Health Insurance.

What is the difference between BPJS and JKN?

The Social Security Organizing Body (BPJS) Health is a legal entity established to organize a health insurance program.

While the National Health Insurance (JKN) is the latest health service program whose system uses an insurance system. This means that all Indonesians will be obliged to set aside a small portion of their money for future health insurance.

Between JKN and BPJS is certainly different. JKN is the name of the program, while BPJS is the organizing body whose performance will be supervised by the DJSN (National Social Security Council). In short, the National Health Insurance is organized by the BPJS to replace the health insurance program that was formerly held by PT Askes and also PT Jamsostek.

BPJS Online Health

At present, the BPJS payment system that is still widely used by people to make BPJS Health bill payments is to pay directly at the BPJS Health counter. However, this is quite inconvenient and time-consuming, because it is not certain that the location of the BPJS office is close to our location. Our time will also be wasted when the queue occurs. With the advancement of technology, there is now an online BPJS health payment system. With this technology, it will be easier for us to make payments effectively and efficiently.

However, the existing online health BPJS payment system is still designed for individual use, then what if a company wants to pay BPJS health bills online for its employees?

You can all use the R-Billing Ralali.com feature that can help manage BPJS as well as many. BPJS Health also bears health insurance for workers' family members. The number of participants and family members covered by health insurance is a maximum of 5 (five) people. If participants who have a family member of more than 5 (five) people including participants, can include other family members by paying additional contributions.

BPJS Health Check and Pay Bills at Ralali.com

To make it easier for Ralali customers, especially customers who have businesses and want to pay BPJS health bills for their employees online, they can use this one of the R-billing feature, namely BPJS Billing. With this feature you can check and pay BPJS bills as easily and as easily as buying pulses, electricity tokens, and internet packages!

With just one click on Ralali.com, you can pay BPJS Health bills for business or HRD companies. Visit now through the website or mobile application. Pay BPJS Online bills, now everything can be started from Ralali.com.

Come on, pay BPJS Health bills on Ralali.com from now on!

How do I register to become a member of BPJS Health?

How to register BPJS members for the public:

  1. People come to the BPJS Health office at the district and provincial levels
  2. The community fills out a form with one of the ID cards, SIM, Family Card or Passport.
  3. After filling out the form, you will get a Virtual Account that is used as the transaction number for premium payments.
  4. For Non-BPI Members, you have to pay contributions in advance and after paying your contributions officially become a member of BPJS health.
  5. For BPI members, after getting your virtual account officially a member of BPJS health, you do not need to pay contributions because your contributions are paid by the government.
  6. You will get a BPJS Health member card.

How to register BPJS members for employees:

  1. For employees in companies that previously used Social Security, how to register BPJS membership can be directed through the company.
  2. Company representatives can come directly to the BPJS office in the district or city, then fill out the form and after that get one way to register BPJS members for employees and general account for all employees in one company.
  3. After that, the company representative pays a premium amount per employee multiplied by the number of employees.
  4. Company employees have officially become non-PBI health BPJS members after paying premiums and obtaining a number of BPJS member health cards.

How to register BPJS members for TNI, Police, PNS and Askes Users:

  1. In general, the registration method for TNI, Polri and Askes Users is the same. But the registration will be easier because your data is already in the BPJS office.
  2. Registration can be done alone or collectively at the health BPJS office by including your health insurance card proof.
  3. Your premium will be deducted from your monthly salary as the previous Askes user.
  4. After registration is complete, you will get a health BPJS card.