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Why pay electricity bills at Ralali?

Pay for Multiple IDs

Pay electricity bills or buy token for multiple IDs at once

Fast and Easy

Three steps for easy transaction: fill ID number, select nominal (token), and pay order

Safe Transaction

All your information and transaction history are stored safely

History of Electricity

In carrying out our daily activities, of course, we are not free from electricity. Try to imagine if there was an interruption in electricity, of course, our activities would be very disturbed right?

Now the electricity is used, but do you know the history of the electricity discovery itself?

Initially, electricity was not as it is today, and was the idea of ​​a Greek scholar named Thales. He revealed a new phenomenon, that if the amber is rubbed - rubbing can attract feathers, now this phenomenon is better known as an electric phenomenon.

This study also continued the study of motion by an English researcher named William Gilbert (1733). This man mentioned that the above Thales event was an electric result taken from the Greek word.

It did not stop there apparently Thales curiosity continued by Charles du Fay (1739). From this research, it is known that electrically consists of Negative and Positive. Then there was a writer, publisher, a scientist who was also an American diplomat, Benjamin Franklin who also proved that lightning was a natural form of electricity.

In addition to the names above, many other names also participate in realizing electricity as it is today. Until finally in 1831, Faraday had a solution. That electricity can be produced through magnetism and silver. Faraday found that when a magnet is transferred in a coil of copper wire, a small electric current can flow through the wire. So that it can be used as an electric generator dynamo or it can also be called an electric generator, even though it is only able to produce small and DC electricity.

Online Electricity Token

Electricity Token is one of the innovations established by PLN to PLN electricity users. This one innovation is indeed very useful because we can control the cost of electricity payments based on our financial capabilities. Behind the benefits of an electric token, there are still laxities. The laxity of an electric token is when token runs out and electricity in our house will immediately go out. Of course, it will be very inconvenient because we have to go find a counter that sells electric tokens.

But after with the continued development of innovation, we can refill the electric tokens without leaving the house. We only need a smartphone or a laptop connected to the internet, we can buy it easily. One of them is buying an electric token online at Ralali.com.

Buy and Sell Online Electricity Token

For those of you who want to find another business, you can also use the business of selling electric tokens in your neighborhood. The price of an electric token in Ralali is quite cheap compared to the competitors, so you can use it as a business opportunity. When your neighbor needs an electricity token, you can just simply purchase it on Ralali.

Check and Pay Online Electricity Bills at Ralali.com

You can find out the number of postpaid electricity bills each month by utilizing the Ralali Billing feature. Check or pay for electricity bills online can be done via Mobile or PC Desktop. Paying electricity bills could be done at Ralali.com, so no more queueing at PLN counter only to pay electricity bills. Say goodbye to the queue at the electricity bill payment counter. Paying online electricity bills at Ralali.com is much faster, easier and less costly. Go access Ralali Billing at Ralali.com!

How to Pay Postpaid Electric Bills Online at Ralali.com

Now pay electricity is very easy, no longer need to queue at the PLN counter again, because you can used gadget that is connected to an internet connection you can pay your PLN bill from anywhere, anytime. Here's how to pay for PLN electricity bills online at Ralali.com:

  • First, prepare your meter number or customer ID first.
  • The next step is to open the web or Ralali.com application.
  • Enter 12 customer ID numbers or meter numbers.
  • Log into your Ralali account, and select the electricity bill option.
  • If you don't have a Ralali.com account, immediately create your account first so you can experience an exciting shopping experience at Ralali.com.
  • When you pay an electricity fee at Ralali.com, the nominal is automatically stated for you to pay, including fines (if any).