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Buy your Data Plan for fast internet access

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History of Internet

Do you know about internet history?

Initially internet history originated from a project based on UNIX systems that were built for military purposes. Originally from ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) which was developing computer networks through a project called ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network).

The project, which was formed by the United States Department of Defense in 1969, aims to make a computer network system that is a means of connecting between the performance system of the military. ARPANET is also designed to prevent damage to central information, as well as to overcome problems in the event of a nuclear attack.

In the same year ARPANET also formed an integrated network and connected 4 sites, namely the Stanford Research Institute, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. Well, three years later the ARPANET began to be introduced and developed rapidly in all regions.

Not only developed rapidly, but the existence of ARPANET also invited enthusiasm from all universities in the country to join. Of course this makes the project formed by the United States Department of Defense difficult to manage.

Therefore ARPANET is divided into two, namely MILNET for military purposes and ARPANET for non-military purposes such as universities, universities. The combination of these two networks is also known as DARPA Internet, or simplified into the internet.

Internet Data Package

Who does not need quota or internet data package? Especially now that everyone has used a smartphone. Technological advancements bring change while benefiting human life. Indeed, essentially technology was created to facilitate human activities, and one of them is the internet.

The internet is now also not only as a human support for carrying out its activities, but also a necessity, this is what makes developers compete to provide internet connections for their users. And have you accommodated your internet needs?

To make it easier for internet users, now Ralali is providing yet offering convenience in buying data packages. You can fill in the data plan online what all operators start from Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo, IM3 Ooredoo, XL, Smartfren, As Cards, Loop to Simpati

Not only provides various data packages for all types of operators, the prices offered are very affordable. Wow, it's really affordable, we don't need to leave the house either.

Noteworthy before you can connect to an internet connection with a cell phone, you must activate the internet package first. Then you only need to enter the Ralali.com application or website. Select the data plan you want, pay and in a short time you will receive the data plan. It's easy, right?

After purchasing an internet package, you will get a 'quota' or data (the size used to access the internet) with a certain amount. This quota can be used to access the internet within a certain period, depending on how much quota is used every time you use the internet.

Buy and Sell Internet Data or Quota

At Ralali.com various providers are available. The price of each internet package is, of course, different from each other, given the variety of Kuota given. At Ralali.com there are various providers options such as Telkomsel, Simpati, kartuAS, XL, Axis, 3 or Tri, Smartfren, and Indosat.

Not just Data Plan, but Ralali also accomodate your BPJS, listrik, PDAM, dan pulsa payment.

Buy Internet Quota at Ralali.com

At Ralali.com you can buy cheap quota packages at the best prices from all the providers mentioned. Not to mention, Ralali.com also provides bulk purchases or bulk orders, making it easier for you who want to purchase more than one. Features of bulk-order in Ralali Billing can also be a business field for those who want to sell data packages or internet quota packages.

Without bothering, now you can buy a data package or internet quota package, anywhere, anytime, on Ralali.com through the mobile application or directly access the Ralali.com website on the desktop.