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Pay PDAM water bills only in R-Billing.

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You can pay your bills online with your laptop or mobile phone

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Definition of PDAM Water

Regional Water Supply Company (PDAM) is one of the business units owned by an area. As the name implies, PDAM is engaged in providing clean water to the distribution process to the general public for daily needs. PDAMs are usually in the form of Regionally Owned Enterprises (BUMD) and only operate in the area concerned.

PDAM is located in almost every municipality, district, and province throughout Indonesia. Nevertheless there are several Drinking Water Companies (PAM) that are not owned by the Regional Government or owned by private parties such as Aetra and Palyja Jakarta. As a means of providing clean water for the community, the PDAM is supervised by the executive and legislative in its operations. Thus, payments and bills for regional payments between regions may have different procedures.

How to Calculate PDAM Bills

You can estimate PDAM bills by seeing how much water per cubic meter is used in one month. The amount of the bill also depends on the customer category. For example, as a household customer using 50 cubic meters of water for 1 month at a rate of Rp. 3000,- per m3, the estimated PDAM bill for that month is Rp. 150,000,-.

The bill does not include other costs such as maintenance costs, administrative fees, fines, and others. In order not to bother counting yourself, you can get complete and definite information about the details of this month's bill, you can check PDAM bills online or ask directly to the local PDAM office. But sometimes the queue is very long. So it's more profitable and time-saving if you check and pay for PDAMs on Ralali.com online.

Check and Pay PDAM Bills Easier With Ralali

Still standing in line at the counter to pay for the PDAM water bill? It's time you switched. In an increasingly modern era like now, anything can be done easily with the help of technology. One of them is how to make payments on PDAM water bills.

Now to check and pay the PDAM bill you no longer need to come and queue. You can check and make payments with a more practical and easy method. One of these Ralali billing features is present to meet the needs of your company that needs speed and ease in the process of paying PDAM water bills.

Check PDAM Bill Online

One of the advantages of this feature is that you can check PDAM bills online without having to wait for bills to arrive, so you don't have to worry about being late paying the company's PDAM water bills of course. To facilitate customers, the Ralali billing feature operates 24 hours, so you can pay the company's PDAM water bills whenever, and wherever you are. So it's definitely very easy and more fun because you can be flexible with your schedule that might be crowded.

One Click Pay All PDAM Bills

Besides you can pay PDAM water bills easily, Another advantage or other feature of Ralali Billing is that you can easily check and pay your employee BPJS bills, pay electricity bills and can make credit purchases for your business needs.

How to pay PDAM water bills or other bills in Ralali Billing is also very easy, just by visiting the Ralali website and then selecting R-Billing and selecting the type of bill. The next step is to enter your customer number. Then the amount that you have to pay appears.

Check and Pay Bills Safely

To guarantee your satisfaction, Ralali.com is committed to offering the experience of paying PDAM bills not only in an easy way, but also safe and comfortable. The Ralali Billing feature works with trusted vendors. which will make you feel safe and comfortable when paying PDAM water bills. So what are you waiting for? Check and pay for PDAM water bills or other bills now, only at Ralali.com.