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The RZY238 CLiPtec Mouse Pad (Speed-Pad) provides your standard or optical mouse the best surface tracking technology available. Your mouse will glide smoothly over the mouse pad while accurately registering its movements. The design s a super thin profile provides a simple placed between the notebook's keyboard and display screens. It protects the screen from scratches or similar damage during travelling.

  • Speed-Pad is made of environmental rubber and PVC coated surface, comes into being in high temperature, which meets environmental standard
  • Unique surface material provides perfect balance between fiction and glide
  • The super-flat and soft Notebook Protector pad is simply placed between the notebook’s keyboard and the display screen. It protects the screen from scratches or similar damage during travelling
  • Slip-free rubber base
  • Anti-static, durable and stylish design
  • Compatible with all mouse types ball, optical and laser
Dimension210mm x 150mm
Operation Aspect Dimension190mm x 130mm
Mouse Pad Thickness3 mm
MaterialPremium quality rubber base