No Brand CloudCiti BaaS Additional Capacity per GB

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No Brand CloudCiti BaaS Additional Capacity per GB

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Key Features

  • Universal Restore
    This unique data recovery technology gives you the convenient ability to instantly restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. Now you can restore files, configurations, applications, or an entire system to the same hardware, to different hardware, or to a virtual server—all with a few simple clicks!
  • Disk Image Technology
    Disk-level snapshots save complete images of a disk or volume in one simple step (including the operating system, applications, and data). This technology works for both physical and virtual machines.
  • Centralized Management
    Our unified dashboard lets you manage all backup operations for both physical and virtual machines from a single, central location. Assign backup plans to one or more machines, review status updates, and receive alerts—all from one console!
  • Business Application Protection
    Our patented disk image technology enables consistent backup of running applications. This allows you to backup Exchange and SQL Server data as you work. Granular application data may be restored without taking systems offline, protecting your business from expensive downtime.
  • Compression and Deduplication
    With built-in, block-level data deduplication and compression, backup data volumes are reduced by up to 90%, optimizing backup speed, reducing storage requirements, and minimizing network loads
  • Encryption
    Backup data can be encrypted with industry-standard 256-bit AES algorithm. All data transmissions are performed over an SSL-encrypted channel by default.

Additional Features

  • Complete Virtual Server Protection
    Cloudciti BaaS support any popular virtualization technology, providing data protection and migration capabilities between various hypervisors and physical machines.
  • Bare-Metal Restore
    Our disk image technology allows you to create an exact replica of the system and user data, and then restore that replica to a new drive in case of critical drive failure.
  • Backup Operations Scheduling
    Backups run automatically based on your specific schedule, but they also offer the flexibility of being triggered by specific events (user logging on/off, machines being powered on/off, and so on).
  • Incremental and Differential Backups
    Incremental & differential backups identify only the changes made since the last backup, significantly reducing backup time and the impact on network usage and backup storage.
  • Backup Schemes
    Cloudciti BaaS have a set of predefined, industry-standard schemes (such as Grandfather-Father-Son or Tower-of-Hanoi). Custom schemes may be configured with advanced settings.
  • Validation and Consolidation
    Manual or scheduled automatic validation of backups ensures system and user data are recoverable. Consolidation of incremental backups provides the ability to save additional storage space.
  • Throttling
    Backup operations may be limited with network bandwidth and disk-write speed throttling to minimize the impact of running backups during production hours.
  • Storage and Retention Policies
    Backup data may be automatically moved between various storage locations, and older backups may be deleted to save space for newly created backups.