CRC 401210 Instant Cooling System Stop Leak w/ Nanotechnology

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Country of Origin-
Dimension (L x W x H)1.6D x 3.39W x 8.64H in
DescriptionUsing Nanotechnology, this product fills in cracks & crevices other products can't, making a stronger, more solid bond. Compatible with all types of anti-freeze.
ApplicationsAluminum engine blocks, cooling systems, cylinder heads, engine blocks, freeze plugs, head gaskets, heaters cores, iron engine blocks, metal radiators, plastic radiators, radiators, water pumps
Unit Package Description15 Ounce Bottle
Generic Description 1Radiator Seal
Net Fill11 Fl Oz
UPC Code078372012105
Units Per Case6
Case Dimensions8.9H x 5.2W x 7.2D in
Cases Per Pallet185
Case Weight6 lbs
I 2 of 5 Code20078372012109
AppearanceSpeckled Tan Viscous Liquid
CPSC Flammability ClassNone
Specific Gravity1.02
pH8 to 8.2
Evaporation Rate<1 (butyl acetate=1)
DOT Proper Shipping NameNot Regulated
VOC % (Federal)0
VOC g/L (Federal)0
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal)0
VOC CategoryNot Regulated