CRC SL3141 Moly Graph Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

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Country of Origin-
ApplicationsAutomotive applications, backing plates, ball joints, chassis points, construction ball & roller bearings, idler bearings, industrial applications, mining applications, pillow block bearings, sprocket bearings, U-joints, water pumps, wheel bearings
Unit Package Description14 Ounce Can
Generic Description 1E. P. Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease
Net Fill14 Wt Oz
UPC Code072213314106
Unit Dimensions3.44H x 4.13W x 4.13D in
Units Per Case12
Case Dimensions3.5H x 12.5W x 17D in
Cases Per Pallet108
Case Weight13 lbs
I 2 of 5 Code30072213314107
AppearanceDark Gray Semi-Solid to Solid Grease
Base TypeLithium-12
Flash point (F)>400°F
Flash point (C)>204°C
Flammability Class - CPSCNone
Spec Gravity Concentrate0.9 at 60°F
NLGI Grade2
Timken OK Load Lbs.45 Lbs Min
Plastic SafeNot Determined
Evaporation Rate<0.01 (Butyl Acetate=1)
Working Temp (F)-25 to 250°F
Working Temp (C)-31.7 to 121°C
4 Ball EP250 KG Weld,30 LWI
4 Ball Wear0.6 mm typical
Drop Point350°F
Elastomer Compatibility0 to 40% vol ; 0 to 15 hard
Oil Separation10
Oxidation Stability5
Pour Point (F)0°F
Pour Point (C)-17.8°C
ISO Viscosity Grade165
Water Washout10
Worked Penetration265 to 295
DOT Proper Shipping NameNot Regulated
VOC % (Federal)0.2
VOC g/L (Federal)1.8
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal)0.015
VOC CategoryNot Regulated
Removal (How To)Remove with a degreaser or brake cleaner product.