CRC SL 3580 Permatherm

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Country of Origin-
ApplicationsClinker cooler bearings, fans, high temperature applications, high temperature pumps, mining applications, ovens, overhead oven trolleys, paper machine dryers, pumps, super heated steam dryers, treadmills
Unit Package Description14 Ounce Cartridge
Generic Description 1High Temp Synthetic Grease
Net Fill14 Wt Oz
UPC Code072213358001
Unit Dimensions9.31H x 2.13W x 2.13D in
Units Per Case10
Case Dimensions9.5H x 4.5W x 11.38D in
Cases Per Pallet150
Case Weight11 lbs
I 2 of 5 Code30072213358002
AppearanceAmber Semi-Solid to Solid Grease
Base TypeFumed Silica
Flash point (F)500°F
Flash point (C)260°C
Flammability Class - CPSCNone
Spec Gravity Concentrate0.9 at 60°F
NLGI Grade1.5
Timken OK Load Lbs.50 Lbs
Plastic SafeNot Determined
Evaporation Rate<1 (butyl acetate=1)
Working Temp (F)-40 to 400°F
Working Temp (C)-40 to 204°C
4 Ball EPNot Determined
4 Ball Wear0.5 mm
Drop Point600°F
LeakageNot Determined
Oil Separation1%
Oxidation Stability5
Pour Point (F)Not Determined
Pour Point (C)Not Determined
ISO Viscosity Grade450
Water Washout<5
Worked Penetration275 to 305
DOT Proper Shipping NameNot Regulated
VOC % (Federal)<0.1
VOC g/L (Federal)<0.9
VOC Lbs./Gal. (Federal)<0.007
VOC CategoryNot Regulated
Removal (How To)Remove with a degreaser or brake cleaner product.