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F&amp;D Speaker Bluetooth A180X Hitam

F&amp;D Speaker Bluetooth A180X Hitam

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Tersedia puluhan seller menjual F&D Speaker Bluetooth A180X Hitam paling lengkap dan terpercaya. Harga F&D Speaker Bluetooth A180X Hitam 770000. Ayo belanja sekarang!

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Tersedia puluhan seller menjual F&amp;D Speaker Bluetooth A180X Hitam paling lengkap dan terpercaya. Harga F&amp;D Speaker Bluetooth A180X Hitam 770000. Ayo belanja sekarang!

3 full range driver for satellites
5.25 bass driver for subwoofer
Simple but elegant design
Bluetooth 4.0 version
Bluetooth range works up to 15 meters
Plug & play USB reader
USB reader supports MP3/WMA dual formats decoding
Uninterrupted digital FM works on PLL technol

Experience incredible high-definition sound with the F&D A180X 2.1 Channel speaker that features 5.25"" bass driver for subwoofer, 42W of output power, Bluetooth connectivity, USB/FM/AUX input, powerful bass, full function remote control and lots more that gives you more engaging listening experience.
Design & Performance
This F&D A180X 2.1 Channel speaker features an elegant and stylish design that complements your luxurious living room interior. It gives you more realistic rich bass sound and extraordinary stereo sound quality with a deep and powerful bass which in turn lets you hear exactly what the artist intended every detail with absolute accuracy. Its 5.25"" subwoofer bass driver unit produces an incredible 14 watts RMS that guarantees powerful bass performance and the two 3"" full-range driver satellite speakers each produces 14 Watts RMS which delivers better quality sound letting you to enjoy immense and spectacular sound experience. It keeps you tethered to your devices with its Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity that let you move around freely while still immersed in your music and connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, notebook and iPhone. With USB slot you can connect your USB device to this speaker and play your favourite MP3 files from your USB pen drive in minutes. If you are a person who loves to tune into the Radio, then FM tuner lets you listen to your favourite radio stations effortlessly. With AUX input, you can enjoy music stored on a PC, laptop, tablet, MP3/MP4 players, iPods or even mobile phone. The remote controller lets you operate these speakers from distance ensuring you more convenience. It also features high contrast LED digital display. The subwoofer has frequency response of 50Hz to 118Hz and the satellite speakers has frequency response of 200Hz to 20KHz.
The F&D A180X 2.1 Channel speaker is your best music companion that lets you enjoy high fidelity wireless music with the convenience of Bluetooth wireless technology.

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