GARMIN Accessories Xdcr P319 8-pin 600W, Plastic Thru-Hull 200/50kHz

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DescriptionThis 8-pin plastic, thru-hull mount transducer provides depth and temperature. This transducer has an operating frequency of 50 or 200 kHz and mounts on a 0-7° deadrise angle.
Compatible Devicesecho™ 101; echo™ 151; echo™ 151dv; echo™ 201; echo™ 201dv; echo™ 301c; echo™ 301dv; echo™ 501c; echo™ 551c; echo™ 551dv; echoMAP™ 43dv; echoMAP™ 44dv; echoMAP™ 50dv; echoMAP™ 50s; echoMAP™ 53dv; echoMAP™ 54dv; echoMAP™ 70dv; echoMAP™ 70s; echoMAP™ 73dv; echoMAP™ 73sv; echoMAP™ 74dv; echoMAP™ 74sv; echoMAP™ 93sv; echoMAP™ 94sv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 42dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 43dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 44dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 45dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 52dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 53dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 54dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 55dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 72dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 72sv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 73dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 73sv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 74dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 74sv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 75dv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 75sv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 92sv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 93sv; echoMAP™ CHIRP 94sv; GPSMAP® 1020xs; GPSMAP® 1040xs; GPSMAP® 421s; GPSMAP® 441s; GPSMAP® 521s; GPSMAP® 527xs; GPSMAP® 546s; GPSMAP® 547xs; GPSMAP® 720s; GPSMAP® 7407xsv; GPSMAP® 7408xsv; GPSMAP® 740s; GPSMAP® 7410xsv; GPSMAP® 7412xsv; GPSMAP® 7416xsv; GPSMAP® 741xs; GPSMAP® 7607xsv; GPSMAP® 7608xsv; GPSMAP® 7610xsv; GPSMAP® 7612xsv; GPSMAP® 7616xsv; GPSMAP® 840xs; GSD™ 22 Digital Remote Sounder; GSD™ 24 Advanced Sonar Module; GSD™ 25 Premium Sonar Module
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