KIKUSUI PAN 600-2A Basic DC Power Supplies Superior

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KIKUSUI PAN 600-2A Basic DC Power Supplies Superior

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Country of Origin-
Dimension (L x W x H)-
Constant voltage temperature coefficient100 p.p.m./°C (standard value)
Constant current temperature coefficient300 p.p.m./°C (standard value)
Transient response time50µs: Time required for the output voltage to return to a value less than 0.05% of the rated value + 10 mV, against a fluctuation of 5% to 100% of the output current.
Ripple noiseUsing an AC voltmeter having a range of 5 Hz to 1 MHz, ±3dB, indicated in mean value and effective value measurement is performed with either a positive or negative output terminal connected to the ground.
Indication meters
Voltmeter indication error±(0.5% rdg + 2 digits) at 23°C ±5°C
Voltmeter max. indication digits199.9 (Note: 19.99 for the PAN16-10A/PAN16-18A/PAN16-30A/PAN16-50A models, and 1999 for the PAN250-2.5A/PAN250-4.5A/PAN600-2A)
Amperemeter indication errorr ±(1% rdg + 5 digits) at 23°C ±5°C
Amperemeter max. indication digits19.99 (Note: 1.999 for the PAN110-1.5A/PAN160-1A, and 199.9 for the PAN16-30A/PAN16-50A/PAN35-20A/PAN35-30A/PAN60-20A)
GroundingEither the positive or negative terminal can be grounded
Isolation voltage to ground±250 VDC (However, ±500 VDC for the PAN110-1.5A/PAN110-3A/PAN110-5A/PAN110-10A/PAN160-1A/PAN160-2A/PAN160-3.5A/PAN250-2.5A/PAN250-4.5A.±1000 VDC for thePAN600-2A.)
Insulation resistanceAcross input side and chassis: Greater than 30 M? at 500 VDC Across output side and chassis: Greater than 20 M? at 500 VDC (For PAN350-3.5A and PAN600-2A, this is 1000 V DC, 20 M?, or higher.)
Withstand voltageNothing abnormal should occur at 1500 VAC,1 min.
Operating temperature0 to 40°
Operating humidity10 to 90% RH
Cooling systemForced air cooling using a fan
Constant voltage operationGreen LED
Constant current operationConstant current operation
PAN 16-10A16V175W
PAN 16-18A16V350W
PAN 16-30A16V700W
PAN 16-50A16V1000W
PAN 35-5A35V175W
PAN 35-10A35V350W
PAN 35-20A35V700W
PAN 35-30A35V1000W
PAN 60-3A60V175W
PAN 60-6A60V350W
PAN 60-10A60V700W
PAN 60-20A60V1000W
PAN 70-2.5A70V175W
PAN 70-5A70V350W
PAN 70-8A70V700W
PAN 70-15A70V1000W
PAN 110-1.5A110V175W
PAN 110-3A110V350W
PAN 110-5A110V700W
PAN 110-10A110V1000W
PAN 160-1A160V175W
PAN 160-2A160V350W
PAN 160-3.5A160V700W
PAN 160-7A160V1000W
PAN 250-2.5A250V700W
PAN 250-4.5A250V1000W
PAN 350-3.5A350V1000W
PAN 600-2A600V1000W





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