Original Samson C01 Large diaphragm condenser microphone professional for recording with case package C01

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Original Samson C01 Large diaphragm condenser microphone professional for recording with case package C01

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Product Description
U.S. SAMSON company is one of the pioneers in the field of the microphone, it's products have always been known for affordable, like its S11 and S12 dynamic microphones, pickup full stretch, in the circle of people has a good reputation, we have not done What propaganda, mutual recommendations alone among customers to buy out a lot. Now, SAMSON company has launched a new studio-grade condenser microphone earthquake film C01.
C01 with a diameter of 19 mm wide large diaphragm, so delicate and clear pickup extent, is not an ordinary small diaphragm condenser microphone or dynamic microphones can match.
C01 workmanship is very fine, the metal shell feel heavy, I knew it was a pick-up full of stuff for quantity, compiled on the shield wire is also very fine and strong. In addition, it is equipped with a random job lined foam plastic box, I believe when you go out performances or recordings, in the course of carrying C01 will certainly play a good protection.
For the majority of users can use the high-end earthquake membrane condenser microphone, Yisheng Network to use their good overseas channels will C01 introduces China, and offering low prices. Alone cost performance and recognition, I think the C01 should be on the market most of the value of the microphone.
The new SAMSON C01 earthquake film condenser microphone can be accurate, precise, smooth sounds picked on, it has a warm bass and good high-frequency response, especially for recording vocals, traditional acoustic instruments, drums and on overall pickup. It has a diameter of 19 mm big earthquake film, so you can get a flat, smooth frequency response curve. It also has a sturdy iron into fine silk hood.