PETRO CANADA XL 15W40 Duron Drum

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PETRO CANADA XL 15W40 Duron Drum

Tingginya akan kebutuhan kendaraan menjadikan kebutuhan akan oli mesin semakin tinggi. Melihat hal tersebut, produsen pelumas mesin asal Kanada mengeluarkan salah satu varian dari produk oli mesin kendaraan Anda. Produk dengan nama, PETRO CANADA XL 15W40 Duron Drum ini merupakan pelumas yang dirancang untuk mesin diesel atau mesin yang berbahan bakar bensin sekalipun. Kemampuannya untuk mengalirkan panas menjadikan mesin lebih awet, sehingga tidak salah jika Lubricants (pelumas mesin) dari Petro Canada ini banyak digunakan.
Berikut ini deskripsi singkat mengenai produk tersebut :

DURON™ provides excellent soot control and wear protection for your older engines. Maximizing longevity means minimizing the costly, damaging effects of soot. On-road or off-road, make DURON your engine oil of choice in the battle against downtime. DURON is the heavy duty diesel engine oil with proven soot-fighting performance and savings. DURON is proven to provide long lasting protection to diesel engines from wear and reduce maintenance costs under the toughest conditions.

Minimizing engine wear is critical to reducing downtime and extending the life of your engine. By controlling soot, DURON offers exceptional defence against wear.


  • Soot particles left uncontrolled can agglomerate and harden into abrasive clumps that can scratch and score critical engine components.
  • Higher soot loads will increase the oil's viscosity — that can leave engine components under-lubricated.
  • Poor shear stability can reduce film thickness of the oil. Effective piston sealing relies on a strong oil film to prevent soot and other contaminants from moving past the rings to get to critical engine components, where damaging wear can occur.



DURON Synthetic Blends
SummaryAdvanced soot control and durable protection. Save money by increasing engine reliability and minimizing downtimeFormulated for excellent performance in cold weather conditions and advanced soot protectionAPI CH-4 licensed and meets the requirements
of Caterpillar ECF-1-a, Mack EO-M Plus and Cummins 20076 with higher oil film strength than is required by SAE J300 for 0W-30 multigrade engine oils
Key BenefitsAdvanced soot controlAdvanced soot controlAdvanced soot control
Exceptional protection
and performance in
all-weather conditions
All-weather product performanceExcellent pumpability
Excellent extended drain
Exceptional protection
and performance in
all-weather conditions
Engine will be well protected even in harshest cold conditions
Exceptional protection
and performance in
all-weather conditions
Faster cold start-ups without compromising high temperature engine performanceExcellent start-ups in temperatures as low as 
-40°C conditions



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