PHILIPS BN208C40W4K1200 Battens GreenPerform LED Batten

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PHILIPS BN208C40W4K1200 Battens GreenPerform LED Batten

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Country of Origin-
Dimension (L x W x H)-
Family nameBN208C
Standalone – 600/1200mm
Trunkable – 1200mm
Lamp ColourNeutral White 4000K
Lumen/ Watt2000lm/20w – 2x18W
T8 replacement
4000lm/40w – 2x36W
T8 replacement
4000lm/40W – 2x36W
T8 replacement
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)>80
Flex and Plugn/a
Lifetime L70*50,000hrs
Office compliant/UGRn/a
Louvre/OpticsPrismatic cover
DriverPhilips Xitanium® Driver
InstallationSurface / Suspension
Classification/IP ratingIP20
Colour/MaterialsHousing: 0.6mm SPCC
Cover: PMMA
AccessoriesSurface Mounting Bracket symmetric
Surface Mounting Bracket asymmetric
Suspension Pole
Connection Block
Connecting Cable
Power Cable
Maximum Run Length25 Fixtures
GreenPerform LED Batten
BN208C40W4K1200911401568401BN208C LED40/NW L1200 FR
BN208C40W6K1200911401585601BN208C LED40/CW L1200 FR
BN208C20W4K1200911401565801BN208C LED20/NW L1200 FR
BN208C20W4K600911401566101BN208C LED20/NW L600 FR
BN208C10W4K600911401566601BN208C LED10/NW L600 FR
BN209C40W4K1200911401566901BN209C LED40/NW L1200 FR
BN209C40W6K1200911401586001BN209C LED40/CW L1200 FR
BN209C20W4K1200911401567401BN209C LED20/NW L1200 FR





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