PHILIPS ST281T54W4KFWHN Downlights & Projectors GreenAccent Gen II LED40 Track

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PHILIPS ST281T54W4KFWHN Downlights & Projectors GreenAccent Gen II LED40 Track

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Country of Origin-
Dimension (L x W x H)-
Family nameGreenAccent Gen II
ModelRS280B - Recessed Fixed
RS281B - Recessed Adjustable
ST281C - Semi-recessed
ST281T - Track
Lumen/ Watt1750lm/ 26.5W (3000K)
1900lm/ 26.5W (4000K)
3700lm/ 54W (3000K)
3900lm/ 54W (4000K)
Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)3000K, 4000K
Colour Rendering Index (CRI)80
Flex and PlugNot included (available on request)
Lifetime L70*40,000hrs
Unified Glare Ratio (UGR)11 - 15
OpticsVacuum aluminium plating on PC reflector, 54W
version - anti-reflection coating glass applied
DriverExternal driver
DimmableFixed output (Dali dimming available on request)
InstallationRecessed fixed, Recessed adjustable, Semi-Recessed,
IP ratingIP20
WeightRS280B/ RS281B - 1.2kg
ST281C/ ST281T - 1.1kg
Colour of housingRecessed fixed/ Recessed adjustable - White only
Semi-recessed/ Track - White, Black
ApplicationRetail, Hospitality, Offices
AccessoriesSmart Tracks
Green Accent II LED40 Track
ST281T54W3KFBKM911401700642ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E MB 1C BK
ST281T54W3KFBKW911401700602ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E WB 1C BK
ST281T54W3KFBKN911401700592ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E NB 1C BK
ST281T54W3KFWHM911401700552ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E MB 1C WH
ST281T54W3KFWHW911401700542ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E WB 1C WH
ST281T54W3KFWHN911401700482ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E NB 1C WH
ST281T54W4KFBKM911401700622ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E MB 1C BK
ST281T54W4KFBKW911401700612ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E WB 1C BK
ST281T54W4KFBKN911401700632ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E NB 1C BK
ST281T54W4KFWHM911401700562ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E MB 1C WH
ST281T54W4KFWHW911401700572ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E WB 1C WH
ST281T54W4KFWHN911401700582ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E NB 1C WH





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