PHILIPS TPS5502X54HFRWB Highbay Prolux T5 Highbay TPS 550

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PHILIPS TPS5502X54HFRWB Highbay Prolux T5 Highbay TPS 550

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Country of Origin-
Dimension (L x W x H)-
Family nameTPS550
Lamp types2 x 54w
4 x 54w – replacement for 250W HPI
6 x 54w – replacement for 400W HPI
Lamps includedNo
Flex and PlugYes
Beam angleNarrow beam
Medium beam
Wide beam
Office compliant/UGRNo
Louvre/OpticsHigh efficiency optic
Gear/BallastHFP – High Frequency Performer (standard)
HFR – 1-10v dimmable (optional)
HFR-D DALI (optional)
Dimmable1-10v HFR dimmable (optional)
DALI Dimming (optional)
InstallationSuspension, Surface Mounted, Pipe Mounted
Height: 6-12m
Classification/IP ratingIP20
Colour/MaterialsHousing: Steel
Optic: High reflectance aluminium (95% reflectance)
AccessoriesTransparent Protection cover – Steel
Wire guard mesh cover – Steel
Mounting plate (for pipe installation) – Steel
Extension data cable for HFR version
Prolux T5 Highbay TPS 550
TPS5506X54HFPNB910403630507TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFP NB W3
TPS5506X54HFPMB910403630508TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFP MB W3
TPS5506X54HFPWB910403630509TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFP WB W3
TPS5504X54HFPNB910403630510TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFP NB W3
TPS5504X54HFPMB910403630511TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFP MB W3
TPS5504X54HFPWB910403630512TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFP WB W3
TPS5502X54HFPNB910403630513TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFP NB W3
TPS5502X54HFPMB910403630514TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFP MB W3
TPS5502X54HFPWB910403630515TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFP WB W3
TPS5506X54HFRNB910403630531TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFR NB W3
TPS5506X54HFRMB910403630532TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFR MB W3
TPS5506X54HFRWB910403630533TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFR WB W3
TPS5504X54HFRNB910403630535TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFR NB W3
TPS5504X54HFRMB910403630536TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFR MB W3
TPS5504X54HFRWB910403630537TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFR WB W3
TPS5502X54HFRNB910403630538TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFR NB W3
TPS5502X54HFRMB910403630540TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFR MB W3
TPS5502X54HFRWB910403630541TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFR WB W3





Info jual lampu Prolux T5 Highbay TPS 550 Philips TPS5506X54HFPNB. Jika Anda masih bingung dengan tipe alat yang Anda cari Anda bisa langsung menanyakan melalui live chat atau email ke Anda juga bisa menghubungi Tim Customer Service kami di +6221 3005 2777.