PHILIPS RC160ZSURFREC Office Lighting SmartPanel LED

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PHILIPS RC160ZSURFREC Office Lighting SmartPanel LED

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Country of Origin-
Dimension (L x W x H)-
Family nameRC160V
Lumen/Watt2500lm/33W – 3x14W replacement
 3400lm/45W – 2x54W replacement
Colour tempWarm white 3000K / Neutral white 4000K
Colour Rendering Index >80
Flex and Plug Included
Lifetime L70* 30,000 Hours
Office compliant/UGR <19
Louvre/Optics Light guide with diffuser
Driver Integrated driver
DimmableCompatible with DALI controllers
InstallationRecessed: Individual; lay in exposed ceiling grids
Suspended: Individual; suspended mounting withsteel-wire-suspension kit (optional) with power cord
Classification/IP ratingIP20
Colour/MaterialsHousing; Frame: plastic Back cover: steel
Light guide: PMMA
Driver housing: Polycarbonate
Trim Colour: White
ApplicationGeneral lighting, Offices, Schools
AccessoriesSuspension mounting kit (RC160Z SMS PSU/ RC160Z SMS PSD)
Surface mounting kit (RC160Z MB-SURF SQR/RC160Z MB-SURF REC)
RC160V45W4KDSQ911401509811RC160V LED34S/840 PSD W60L60 CAU
RC160V45W4KDREC911401509911RC160V LED34S/840 PSD W30L120 CAU
RC160V45W4KFSQ911401509411RC160V LED34S/840 PSU W60L60 CAU
RC160V45W4KFREC911401509611RC160V LED34S/840 PSU W30L120 CAU
RC160V45W3KFSQ911401510011RC160V LED34S/830 PSU W60L60 CAU
RC160V45W3KFREC911401510211RC160V LED34S/830 PSU W30L120 CAU
RC160V45W3KDSQ911401510411RC160V LED34S/830 PSD W60L60 CAU
RC160V45W3KDREC911401510511RC160V LED34S/830 PSD W30L120 CAU
RC160V33W4KFSQ911401509511RC160V LED25S/840 PSU W60L60 CAU
RC160V33W4KFREC911401509711RC160V LED25S/840 PSU W30L120 CAU
RC160V33W3KFSQ911401510111RC160V LED25S/830 PSU W60L60 CAU
RC160V33W3KFREC911401510311RC160V LED25S/830 PSU W30L120 CAU
RC160ZSMSF911401585301RC160Z SMS PSU
RC160ZSMSD911401585401RC160Z SMS PSD
RC160ZSURFSQ911401542211RC160Z MB-SURF SQR622x622x65
RC160ZSURFREC911401542311RC160Z MB-SURF REC1222x322x65





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