Raksasa Elektronik APC220 Wireless Communication Module for Arduino + USB to TTL Converter apc220

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Raksasa Elektronik APC220 Wireless Communication Module for Arduino + USB to TTL Converter apc220

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APC220-43 module is highly integrated half-duplex micro-power wireless data transmission module, the embedded high-speed microcontroller and high-performance RF chip ADF7020-1. Interleaved error correction coding for innovative and efficient circulation, anti-interference and sensitivity are greatly improved, can be corrected the 24bits continuous burst error, to achieve the leading level in the industry. APC220-43 module provides a choice of multiple channels can be modified online serial rate, transmit power, radio frequency rate and other parameters.
APC220-43 module can transparently transmit data of any size, and users do not have to write complex set and transmission procedures, while the small size, wide-voltage operation, the farther the transmission distance, rich and convenient software-programmable features, so can be used with a very wide range areas.

1: Operating voltage: 3.3V-5V
2: The transmission distance :1000-1200M (depending on environment)
3: Rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600bps
4: Module Interface: UART / TTL
5: Operating frequency: 418M-455MHZ (1K steps)
6: GFSK modulation way
7: Efficient loop interleaving error correction coding
8: flexible software programming option settings
9:256 bytes of data buffer
10: Suitable for large data transfers
11: Built-in watchdog to ensure the long-term reliable operation
12: Online Modify settings APC220-43

The module features 256bytes large capacity buffer in the state of the buffer is empty, the user can be a data transmission 256bytes, when set air baud rate greater than the serial port baud rate can transmit unlimited length data, APC230-43 module provides a standard UART / TTL interface
The 1200/2400/4800/9600/19200/38400/57600bps seven rate, and three interfaces parity mode. APC230-43 module external interface with the transmission of transparent data transfer, can meet the standard or nonstandard households agreement, the data collected the data is sent.

Shipping list:
1, a pair of the APC220 modules (2)
2, the USB-TTL setter (1)
3, the elbow antenna (2)