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TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker BS1001

TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker BS1001

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TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker BS1001

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TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker BS1001

Overview of TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Bluetooth Speaker - BS1001

Full range audio with Real Sound - incredibly spacious with enhanced excellent frequency performance, perfectly design for the real sound, which equipped with the adjustable handle.

High quality audio performance
Adjustable angle for better music experience
Larger sound driver
Pocket size with adjustable handle
Unstoppable music experience
Bluetooth wireless range up to 20 meters
Adjustable Angle for Better Music Experience
Rubber Smart Handle can be propped up and forming prefect angle to reduce the surface of contact in between the speaker, which delivered more sound within the environments than most speakers.

Larger Sound Driver
With larger sound driver, delivered the extendable and detailed sound further away than most speakers.

Pocket Size with Adjustable Handle
Weighing only 175 grams, portable and lightweight enough with the adjustable handle that doubles as a stand to be propped up, grasping on a surface tightly or even making it attachable to most of the gear. See it now.

Unstoppable Music Experience
Groovi Ripples powerful 750mAh lithium-ion battery provides users with enough power to enjoy wireless listening of up to 240 minutes continuously. Use our ultra-fast micro USB charger and return to full power in 2 hours.

Bluetooth Wireless Range up to 20 meters
Control your music from up to 20 meters (66 feet) away from your mobile phone or tablet (or other Bluetooth-enabled device), as 4.0 technology increases the speed and reliability of data transfers between devices to speaker.

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TP-Link Groovi Ripple Portable Blue...
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