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Trotec Dehumidifier TTK 120 S

Trotec Dehumidifier TTK 120 S

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Trotec Dehumidifier TTK 120 S

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Trotec Dehumidifier TTK 120 S
TTK 120 S Dehumidifier

The classic among the dehumidifiers: the maintenance-friendly, high-quality dehumidifier has been dehumidifying rooms in thousands of households all over Europe for years now.

And because the TTK 120 S is not only well-designed but also works reliably, it is equally well-suited for use in large rooms and workshops or storerooms and smaller warehouses.

The solid housing, which is made of a composite of metal and synthetic material, is just one indication of the standard of quality and the level of workmanship that went into the unit which is able to extract 35 litres of moisture out of the air a day and protect your property and possessions effectively and reliably against moisture and corrosion.

The TTK 120 S operates in hygrostat-controlled automatic mode and is equipped with a hot-gas defrosting mode which works both effectively and efficiently. This makes the TTK 120 S ideal for non-stop, unsupervised use in rooms or offices. The antibacterial filter ef?fectively frees the ambient air of fluff, dust or pet hairs and prevents bacteria from growing and spreading.

Features and Benefits of the TTK 120 S dehumidifier:

  • Dehumidification performance / 24 h max: 35 litres (7.6 gals)
  • Operating range temperature: 5?- 43?C
  • Air flow rate: 510 m?/h ( 18,010 ft?/h )
  • Input voltage: 230V (50Hz)
  • Power input max: 0.40 kW
  • Water tank: 8 litres (1.75 gals)
  • Sound level dBA: 56 -59
  • Length: 362 mm (14.3 ins)
  • Width: 380 mm (15 ins)
  • Height: 605 mm (23.6 ins)
  • Weight: 23.5 kg (51.7 lbs)
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Trotec Dehumidifier TTK 120 S
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