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BLICKLE BTH 250x80/170 Press on Bands Type:BTH 285x75/220 <% k+1 %>

BLICKLE BTH 250x80/170 Press on Bands Type:BTH 285x75/220

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BLICKLE BTH 250x80/170 Press on Bands Type:BTH 285x75/220

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BB 125x40/75 BB 200x60/150 BB 260x105/170 BTH 125x40/75 BTH 250x80/170 BB 150x50/100 BB 180x75/120 BB 150x130/100 BB 125x50/75 BB 200x50/140 BB 180x50/120 BB 150x75/100 BB 180x100/105 BB 160x50/100 BB 200x105/120 BB 254x127/165 BB 250x50/190 BB 200x80/120 BB 250x105/170 BB 200x130/105 BB 250x60/190 BB 200x85/105 BB 250x130/140 BB 230x85/170 BB 200x75/100 BB 250x80/170 BB 415x90/305 BB 310x120/203 BB 750x150/640 BB 343x115/245 BB 285x100/200 BB 360x60/270 BB 300x90/203 BB 415x100/305 BB 310x120/220 BB 343x140/245 BB 285x100/228 BB 360x120/220 BB 310x60/220 BB 645x250/500 BB 343x114/225 BB 285x75/220 BB 350x110/270 BB 290x105/185 BTH 200x85/105 BTH 160x50/100 BTH 250x50/190 BTH 180x100/105 BTH 200x75/100 BTH 150x75/100 BTH 200x130/105 BTH 180x50/120 BTH 250x60/190 BTH 200x50/140 BTH 125x50/75 BTH 200x80/120 BTH 150x130/100 BTH 230x85/170 BTH 180x75/120 BTH 200x60/150 BTH 150x50/100 BTH 290x105/185 BTH 350x110/270 BTH 254x127/165 BTH 415x100/305 BTH 285x100/200 BTH 300x90/203 BTH 250x105/170 BTH 360x120/220 BTH 260x105/170 BTH 610x150/410 BTH 285x100/228 BTH 343x115/245 BTH 250x130/140 BTH 405x130/305 BTH 285x75/220
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Product description BLICKLE BTH 250x80/170 Press on Bands Type:BTH 285x75/220

BLICKLE BTH 250x80/170 Press on Bands Type:BTH 285x75/220

Additional information

Minimum purchase 1
Time for good supply -
Shipping weight 1 Kilogram
Length 1 Centimeter
Width 1 Centimeter
Height 1 Centimeter

Basic Information

Company Name: Buana Mas
Established Year: 2006
Business Type: Importer
Number of Employee: 50-100
Main Product/Service: FISCH
Location: Jl Pangeran Jayakarta 46 Blok A no. 7, Jakarta 10730
Last Updated: 15 Jun 2019

Log Activity

Number of buyers who have transacted: 9
Transaction Volume: 12
Certified Document (KTP, SIUP, TDP): KTP, SIUP, NPWP, SKDP, TDP

Company Photo & Video

Contact Person of Buana Mas

Name: Chrisandi
Job Title: Digital Marketing
Handphone: 081293380544