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Buyer FAQ


When will my order be delivered after payment?

Case Loss of Goods Occurs

Are all the expedition be able to be tracked by system at Ralali.com?

How can I track my order?

How can I learn my delivery status of my order?

Who pays the delivery cost?

How can I learn the shipping cost?

Must I confirm my order that has been received?

GO-SEND Same Day Delivery

GO-SEND Instant Delivery

How much is the applicable GO-SEND Same Day rate?

How much is the applicable GO-SEND Instant rate?

How to shop at Ralali

Can I communicate with the seller?

Why can't my order be tracked?

How can I confirm payment and how long does it take?

Why my order got cancelled? What happened to the fund that I have already transfered?

How do order or shop at Ralali?

What if I order more than one product?

Can I negotiate the price?

How can I use shopping voucher at Ralali?

How can I track my order status?


How to become Ralali’s buyer?

Can I transact without registering?

Do I get charged to become a buyer at Ralali?

Cancellation & Claim

Can I cancel my order?

What if my order get rejected?

Can I return my products?

How can I return the product and who pays?

What if my order is incorrect?

Why My Order is Rejected?

How the Refund Process?


Can I shop at Ralali with credit system?

Do I need to confirm after payment?

Is it safe to do transaction at Ralali.com?

Is Cash on Delivery (COD) available?


Do all the product at Ralali.com have a warranty?


When Can I Make a Quotation Request?


How to participate in Ralali Referral Program?

How much of the Voucher value will I receive?

When will I receive the Voucher?

How many friends I can invite to join Ralali.com?

How to use the referral voucher that I have received?

Seller FAQ


How is the shipping fee and process at Ralali.com?

What else courier services are available within Ralali.com?

Can the sellers deliver their product with other delivery services which are not provided by Ralali.com?

What if I want to change my delivery area to free delivery only to some areas?

Who will be paying the delivery cost?

How can I learn that the order has been received by the buyer?

How is the delivery terms at Ralali.com?

What is the penalty for the seller in late product delivery?

Is it possible to change the store and warehouse address?

How to activate GO-SEND Delivery service from Sellerpanel?

How to find GO-SEND Delivery driver from Sellerpanel?


When do the seller receive the payment?

How can I learn which orders has been paid?

What if the buyer do not confirm the product that is received?

How is the calculation for the amount that must be paid to the seller?

How do I receive the payment?


What kind of data is necessary to become a seller at Ralali.com?

How can I register?

What type of sellers are there at Ralali.com?

Will there be fee charged while selling at Ralali.com?

What type of products/services can be sold at Ralali.com?

How can I register the product to my store?


How is the ordering process at Ralali.com?

What are the benefits selling at Ralali.com?


How do know if there is an order?

How can I accept or reject an order?

What would happen to the sellers while rejecting their order?

How do I look for the sales record and order status?

Cancellation & Claim

Can buyer cancel the order?

What if the buyer claim to return or exchange the product?

How can I learn there is product exchange/return?

Who will be paying for the product return?

What kind of product that is not retunable by the buyer?


When Can I Offer a Quotation?

Terms & Conditions

Transaction Terms and Conditions

Definition and Interpretation

Type of Membership

Terms and Conditions of the Buyers and Sellers

General Terms of Using the Platform

Statement and Warranty


Anti-Bribery, Corruption and Money Laundering

Applicable law and Settlement of Disputes


Privacy Policy

The Scope of Privacy Policy


What we do with the information collected?


Connect to Other Website

Control of Your Personal Information

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