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  1. Select your store and product preferences
    To find the product you are looking for, there are 2 ways that you can do:

    First, type the product name in the search field or click on the category and sub category on ralali.com

    After finding the product, click on the product image or click on the icon detail of the product to view detailed information and store that sells the product. Click "Buy" on the store that you want to purchase.

    Second, you can also get special offers from the store by clicking “Contact Seller”.

  2. Put into shopping cart and checkout
    After click “Buy”, a shopping cart pop up will appear and you can specify the number of products that will be purchased. Click “Checkout” to continue the checkout process. Or click “Continue Shopping” if you want to look for other products. Click on the icon shopping cart “” to ensure that all the products you have selected are already in your shopping cart.

    On the checkout page, you must complete the information about the shipping address, shipping service and payment method.

    1. Choose the Shipping Address

      If you already have a shipping address data, you can directly select the address. Otherwise, if you do not have or you want to add new shipping address, click “Add Address” then fill in the form and save the address.

    2. Choose the Shipping Service

      Click “Continue Shipping” then choose the shipping service that you want to use to send your order. In this page, you can give a note to the Seller in regards to the ordered product details. Click “Choose Payment Method” to continue.

    3. Select your Payment Method

      You can select your payment method. Ralali has several payment methods, there are: Transfer via that cooperate with Ralali.com, Credit Card, Instant Payment, Kredivo Credit dan Ralali Cicilan.

  3. Confirm your order payment

    Click “Pay” to continue to the payment process based on the chosen payment method.

    Then click “Confirm Payment” from the email that has been sent to you to confirm the payment or login to Ralali.com and go to “Order” menu. After that, it is required to fill the form payment confirmation in Ralali.com