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Yves Laroche Body Splash Innocent Orchid 115 ML

Yves Laroche Body Splash Innocent Orchid 115 ML

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Innocent Orchid is a fresh floral fragrance which creates an emphasis on the refined feminine aura. It is composed of ylang ylang and the watery herbaceous element at the top note. This creates a fresh introduction to the fragrance without revealing the true elements of the middle notes and with reduced citrusy feel. The middle note then suprrises the user with a classic rose and bright lily of the valley essence to create a sensual experience. The concoction is further intensified with a rare musk and sea weed for a strong green presence within this floral fragrance. This unique creation is reminiscent of a beautiful rare orchid from the historic times.

Top Note: Ylang Ylang and Green Water Herbs

Middle Note: Classical Rose and Lily of the Valley

Bottom Note: Dark Musk and Seaweed elements.

BPOM: NA18170601925

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